What is “by the bed” or individual leasing?

Individual leasing allows each person to be solely responsible for his/her bed. That means if another roommate moves out, you are not responsible for his/her rent!

How do I pay my rent, and when is it due?

As a resident of T·H·E Griff, you will have several convenient options to pay your rent! Rent will be due on the 1st of every month (with a 5 day grace period), and may be paid online with ACH or debit/credit card.

Is there insurance coverage for fire/theft/natural causes?

You are required to have your own renter’s insurance at time of lease signing. This can be through an agent/company of your choosing, or our provider, SLL (Student Legal Liability), which provides coverage at $12.95/bed/month. If you choose SLL, your payment will be due with your monthly rent installment.

What if I need to “break” my lease, or I do not return for Spring/Summer classes?

T·H·E Griff does not provide any type of lease break or buy-out options. However, at our discretion, residents are able to assign the lease for their bedroom to a new resident, provided the new resident meets T·H·E Griff’s approval standards.

What if I need maintenance in my bedroom or apartment?

We have many different options to suit your maintenance needs. For non-emergency maintenance, you can stop by the office, call, or submit a request online and they will be attended to shortly. For emergency maintenance, we will have an on-call technician that will be available 24/7!

How do I receive mail/packages?

Each resident will be given their own mailbox key, and mail will be sorted and delivered via USPS to your designated mailbox. (1 per suite) If you have packages delivered, we will accept them in the office and they can be picked up during normal business hours with appropriate I.D.

How close are you to campus and campus/alternative transportation?

We are just minutes from OSU campus, and less than a mile from the Carmack parking lot, where you will have access to multiple lines of transportation including the CABS system and COTA.

View points of interest near our location.

What do I need to bring with me to my furnished suite?

Although your suites do come furnished, we recommend you bring personal items such as:

  • toiletries
  • linens and bedding/shower curtain and hooks
  • TVs/computers if needed in bedroom
  • “luxury” items needed for décor and personal use
  • trash cans, pots/pans, silverware

What is your pet policy?

T·H·E Griff allows pets on our property.

What kind of parking is available at T·H·E Griff?

We will have plenty of parking available for each resident! In addition to plenty of surface parking (included in rent), we will also have an onsite parking garage. The garage will be an additional charge, your leasing representative will be more than happy to go over the lease options and availability for garage parking! Last but not least, we know you are all active and with us being so close to OSU, you may use a bicycle as your main form of transportation, so luckily, T·H·E Griff will also have secured, locked storage available for your bicycle.

What kind of utilities should I expect to pay?

Each suite will be separately responsible for their electric usage. This will come to them monthly in their mail as a bill. The bill will need to be put in 1 resident’s name per suite. Trash valet is also required per suite and is an additional fee. Water, Sewage, Wifi, and basic cable are included in the cost of your rent so you do not need to worry about that! The only exception to this is, if you choose an “upgraded” package through ICS – Dish Network, you will be responsible for that payment, which again will need to be put in one resident’s name and will be billed separately.

What is the smoking policy at T-H-E Griff?

Out of respect for non-smokers, and smokers alike, T-H-E Griff is an absolutely smoke free building. This rule includes all bedrooms, suites, and common areas. If you would like to smoke, we ask that you leave the building entirely. No exceptions.

What can I expect on my move in day?

Move in day will be an exciting experience! We will eliminate as much of the hassle of moving as we can and are here to help! With that being said, we will be assigning different move in days to different areas or floors, to ensure it goes as smooth as possible. All lease paperwork needs to be signed and delivered via web to the leasing office. You will also need to have all move in monies paid in full at this time.

What are some important phone numbers I may need?

OSU Information (614) 292-6446
OSU Police (614) 292-2121
Columbus Police (614) 645-4545
Columbus Fire Department (614) 221-2345

What if I need Maintenance?

We will have an on-call technician that will be available 24/7.

How close are you to campus?

We are just minutes from OSU campus, and less than a mile from the Carmack parking lot.

Are there job opportunities at THE Griff?

Yes! Depending upon the time of year we may be looking for part-time Community Assistants or other open positions. Search for current job opportunities.

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